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Our People

Here’s where you can find out a little more about some of our valued associates, who average 17 years in the A/V business and 12 years with ListenUp.


Bill Rollin

Senior Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 1978

In 1975, confirmed audiophile Bill Rollin had just bought a new system from a local dealer when he ended up having dinner with ListenUp owners Walt Stinson and Steven Weiner. After proudly listing the elements of his new rig he asked the guys what they thought. “I think it’s crap,” said Walt, who went on to explain that the performance of the once-proud audio brands in Bill’s set-up had greatly deteriorated over the years.

Convincing Bill to return the other system, Walt and Steven began bringing components to his house for an extended audition. Bill ended up buying a system from ListenUp – and then became an employee in 1978. He has supervised the design and installation of some of our biggest projects over the years, including the sound system at CU’s Folsom Field, among others.

Today Bill specializes in creating high-end whole-home systems, but his eyes really light up when he relates a visit to the recent Rocky Mountain Audiofest. “I was in heaven. It was really cool to be around all these high-end two-channel companies that are still trying to achieve the perfect sound — which is why we all got in this in the first place.”


KC Craig

Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 2014

KC is the newest member of our Custom Division sales team bringing 10 years of industry experience to the company. After growing up in Lakewood, Colorado, and attending Alameda High School, KC went on to study electrical engineering and worked for various A/V companies throughout the Denver area. “It’s fun because we get to design and sell systems that enhance and provide enjoyment to people’s lives.”

Through his years in A/V, he’s always known about ListenUp and the company’s reputation. “I’ve watched ListenUp stay in business for 40 years and provide the best in technology and service.” We’re happy that he finally made the move to join our team.

KC’s passion is not contained to just designing state-of-the-art custom home integration systems. When he’s not helping his customers, KC spends his time with his wife of 21 years, Vickie, and their three kids golfing, playing tennis and biking.


Dave Route

Project Manager

With ListenUp since 1997

Dave Route got his start in the A/V industry in 1998 and has worked his way up from installer, to technician, to programmer until finally joining the ListenUp family as a Project Manager. His specialty is Crestron programming for our Custom division. One of his more recent projects was to program a Crestron system in a vacation rental property in Maui, Hawaii. “We’re controlling everything at the house, including audio/video, lighting, shades, HVAC, security, pools and water features. There are also different programming modes for the system depending on how it is being used; whether the homeowner is staying there, a guest is renting the house or if the house is empty. There’s also a ’green‘ mode that conserves energy.”

Dave has a passion for home automation and control systems. “At ListenUp, I get the rare opportunity to work with all of the large automation systems: Crestron, Savant, Control4 and Lutron.”

Outside of work, this Colorado native spends his time camping, cycling and doing photography with his wife and two kids.


Scott Sabin

Systems Engineer

With ListenUp since 2003

Systems Engineer Scott Sabin had a variety of techie and not so techie gigs before he came to ListenUp. He worked with computer-based camera surveillance systems and as a graphic designer, building web sites and presentation graphics for print. In between, he also instructed K-12 students in illustration at a private art school.

It’s a challenge keeping up with all the latest technologies and procedures, but Scott views that has a positive: “The most enjoyable aspect of my position at ListenUp is that it keeps me mentally active. The tasks presented to me are ever-changing and that keeps things interesting.”

A Michigan native, Scott loves the Colorado lifestyle. “My years working for ListenUp have certainly increased my interest in electronics, specifically how we interface with electronic equipment and its effect on our interpersonal communication. But while ‘unplugged,’ I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. I also enjoy snowboarding, cycling and photography.”


Pat Bates

Field Technician

With ListenUp since 2003

Pat Bates got his first taste of the A/V industry working on car installation fabrication at 16 years of age in his hometown of San Diego, California. After moving to Denver in 2003, he started working for the install team in our Custom division. The transition was a natural one. “I really like home automation and the challenge of syncing devices to control people’s residences.”

The California boy in Pat feels right at home in Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle. “In my free time I like doing photography, mountain biking, off-roading and snowboarding.”


Adam Frazier

Field Technician

With ListenUp since 2013

Adam Frazier is a Colorado native who got his start in the A/V industry after moving to Los Angeles for college. He spent 11 years in L.A. before moving back to Colorado in 2013 and starting his career with ListenUp. “I really like working in the A/V business for the variety. Every day is different and every job is different, so it keeps things interesting. I especially like working for ListenUp because of the flexibility. There are a lot of opportunities for personalized growth here.”

Adam’s love for the industry tends to bleed into his personal life where he likes to play guitar and sing. He also loves spending time with his wife and kids and going on backpacking adventures in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area.

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